Journal articles

This database consists of articles on labour and topics related to this issue and some reviews. Click here for a list of the journals included in this database. We are still working to add a larger variety of journals and reviews from different countries and continents.

Title Author Year Journalsort ascending Online
Sweet Negotiations. Sugar, Slavery, and Plantation Agriculture in Early Barbados Zahedieh 2010 Slavery and Abolition
Contesting Slavery: The Politics of Bondage and Freedom in the New American Nation; Slavery and Sin: The Fight Against Slavery and the Rise of Liberal Protestantism Plath 2014 Slavery and Abolition
‘No Such Thing as a Mulatto Slave’: Legal Pluralism, Racial Descent and the Nuances of Slave Women's Sexual Vulnerability in the Legal Odyssey of Steyntje van de Kaap, c.1815–1822 Vernal 2008 Slavery and Abolition
Slave Suicide, Abolition and the Problem of Resistance Bell 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Developing the West Indian Proslavery Position after the Somerset Decision Swaminathan 2003 Slavery and Abolition
Paths to Freedom: Manumission in the Atlantic World Peabody 2011 Slavery and Abolition
Editorial Board 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Manumission practices in a late eighteenth‐century Brazilian Slave Parish: São José d'El Rey in 1795 Libby 2000 Slavery and Abolition
‘Enraged to the limit of despair’: Infanticide and Slave Judicial Strategies in Barbacoas, 1788–98 Echeverri 2009 Slavery and Abolition
Roadblocks to Freedom: Slavery and Manumission in the United States South Brophy 2013 Slavery and Abolition
Neither Slavery nor Abolitionism: James M. Pendleton and the Problem of Christian Conservative Antislavery in 1840s Kentucky Harlow 2006 Slavery and Abolition
Surgery, Slavery and the Circulation of Knowledge in the French Caribbean Weaver 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Vital Enemies. Slavery, Predation, and the Amerindian Political Economy of Life Soulodre-La France 2010 Slavery and Abolition
Slaves, Convicts, Abolitionism and the Global Origins of the Post-Emancipation Indentured Labor System Allen 2014 Slavery and Abolition
As if Silent and Absent: Bonds of Enslavement in the Islamic Middle East Clarence-Smith 2008 Slavery and Abolition
Why Joanna Baptista Sold Herself into Slavery: Indian Women in Portuguese Amazonia, 1755–1798 Sommer 2013 Slavery and Abolition
Book reviews 2004 Slavery and Abolition
Uncertain Business: A Case Study of Barbadian Plantation Management, 1770–93 Roberts 2011 Slavery and Abolition
Death Rites as Birthrights in Atlantic New Orleans: Kinship and Race in the Case ofMaría Teresa v. Perine Dauphine Johnson 2015 Slavery and Abolition
Slavery and liberty: The case of the Scottish Colliers Hair 2000 Slavery and Abolition
The Expansion of the Idea of the Refugee in the Early-Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World Candlin 2009 Slavery and Abolition
Brésil: Quatre siècles d'esclavage. Nouvelles questions, nouvelles recherches Price 2013 Slavery and Abolition
The Slave's Rebellion: Literature, History, Orature Miller 2007 Slavery and Abolition
A Cherished Friendship: Julia Griffiths Crofts and Frederick Douglass Douglas 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Freedom from bondage at a price: Women and redemption from slavery in the French Caribbean in the nineteenth century Moitt 2005 Slavery and Abolition