Journal articles

This database consists of articles on labour and topics related to this issue and some reviews. Click here for a list of the journals included in this database. We are still working to add a larger variety of journals and reviews from different countries and continents.

Title Author Year Journalsort ascending Online
Child Slaves in the Modern World Jenkins Schwartz 2013 Slavery and Abolition
Everyday Life in the Early English Caribbean: Irish, Africans, and the Construction of Difference Thompson 2015 Slavery and Abolition
Vital Enemies. Slavery, Predation, and the Amerindian Political Economy of Life Soulodre-La France 2010 Slavery and Abolition
Review essay - Running the Numbers: An Overview of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade CD-ROM Ryden 2001 Slavery and Abolition
‘Rights of the Individual’, Indentured Labour and Indian Workers: The French Antilles and the Rhetoric of Slavery Post 1848 Marsh 2012 Slavery and Abolition
An African Republic: Black and White Virginians in the Making of Liberia Diemer 2009 Slavery and Abolition
'I Could Not Stay There': Enslaved Women, Truancy and the Geography of Everyday Forms of Resistance in the Antebellum Plantation South Camp 2002 Slavery and Abolition
Spectacles of Slavery: Pageantry, Film and Early Twentieth-Century Public Memory Gardullo 2013 Slavery and Abolition
The Archaeology of Settler Farms and Early Plantation Life in Seventeenth-Century Barbados Armstrong 2014 Slavery and Abolition
The Expansion of the Idea of the Refugee in the Early-Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World Candlin 2009 Slavery and Abolition
Freedom from bondage at a price: Women and redemption from slavery in the French Caribbean in the nineteenth century Moitt 2005 Slavery and Abolition
Squares of distinction, webs of interest: Gentility, urban development and the slave trade in Bristol c.1673–1820 Dresser 2000 Slavery and Abolition
From the Cradle to the Fields: Slave Childcare and Childhood in the Antebellum South Pargas 2011 Slavery and Abolition
SLAVERY: ANNUAL BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SUPPLEMENT (2007) Thurston 2008 Slavery and Abolition
The History of Slavery Miller 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Reconfiguring Slavery: West African Trajectories Lovejoy 2010 Slavery and Abolition
Evangelicalism and the Politics of Reform in Northern Black Thought, 1776–1863 Pope Melish 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Notes on Contributors 2003 Slavery and Abolition
True-Born Maroons Thompson 2007 Slavery and Abolition
Creolization and Contraband: Curaçao in the Early Modern Atlantic World Oostindie 2013 Slavery and Abolition
Trafficking in Slavery's Wake: Law and the Experience of Women and Children in Africa Rossi 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Sweet Negotiations. Sugar, Slavery, and Plantation Agriculture in Early Barbados Zahedieh 2010 Slavery and Abolition
The ‘invisible child’ in British West Indian slavery Teelucksingh 2006 Slavery and Abolition
The Jeje in the Tambor de Mina of Maranhão and in the Candomblé of Bahia Parés 2001 Slavery and Abolition
‘So color de una cofradía’: Catholic Confraternities and the Development of Afro-Peruvian Ethnicities in Early Colonial Peru Graubart 2012 Slavery and Abolition