Journal articles

This database consists of articles on labour and topics related to this issue and some reviews. Click here for a list of the journals included in this database. We are still working to add a larger variety of journals and reviews from different countries and continents.

Title Author Year Journal Onlinesort descending
A Special Class of Labor: Mexican (Im)Migrants, Immigration Debate, and Industrial Agriculture in the Rural Midwest. Mapes 2004 Labor
Housewife vs. Economist: Gender, Class, and Domestic Economic Knowledge in Twentieth-Century America. Stapleford 2004 Labor
Class in Early American History: A Personal Journey. Nash 2004 Labor
Crippled Hands: Disability in Labor and Working-Class History. Rose 2005 Labor
Hybrid Visions: Working-Class Internationalism in the Mexican Borderlands, Seattle, and Chicago, 1910-1920 . Mckillen 2005 Labor
The Missing Story of Ourselves: Poverty Class in Academe. Adair 2005 Labor
A Tiger by the Toenail: The 1970s Origins of the New Working-Class Majority Sue Cobble 2005 Labor
Commentary: The Riveting of a Women's Labor Movement Porter Benson 2005 Labor
Commentary: Invisible Power or Lost Opportunity: The Limits of Labor Feminism Faue 2005 Labor
Commentary: Labor Feminists and a Feminist Labor Movement. Kessler-Harris 2005 Labor
Response: The Difference Differences Make Sue Cobble 2005 Labor
The Origins of White-Collar Privilege in Chile: Arturo Alessandri, Law 6020, and the Pursuit of a Corporatist Consensus, 1933-1938. Silva 2006 Labor
Beyond the Age of Earning: Masculinity, Work, and Age Discrimination in the Automobile Industry, 1916-1939 Wood 2006 Labor
The Practice of Everyday Colonialism: Indigenous Women at Work in the Hop Fields and Tourist Industry of Puget Sound. Raibmon 2006 Labor
And I Feel Like I'm Dying from Mining for Gold: Disability, Gender, and the Mining Community, 1920-1950 Forestell 2006 Labor
Supply Chains, Workers' Chains, and the New World of Retail Supremacy. Lichtenstein 2007 Labor
Men of Families: The Intersection of Labor Conflict and Race in the Norfolk Dry Dock Affair, 1829-1831. Upham-Bornstein 2007 Labor
Working-Class Catholicism: A Call for New Investigations, Dialogue, and Reappraisal. Mccartin 2007 Labor
The Body as a Useful Category for History Working-Class History. Baron 2007 Labor
In Response: Dichotomous Thinking and the Objects of History; or, Why Bodies Matter, Again. Baron 2007 Labor
New Rules for the Unions: Mexico's Steelworkers Confront Privatization and the Neoliberal Challenge Snodgrass 2007 Labor
Using Police Records in Labor History: A Case Study of the Brazilian DOPS . Luigi Negro 2008 Labor
Using Police Records in Labor History: A Case Study of the Brazilian DOPS. Fontes 2008 Labor
Technology and the Decline of Child Labor: The Impact of the Owens Bottle Machine Reconsidered. Messer-Kruse 2012 Labor
Surrogate Supervisors: Railway Spotters and the Origins of Workplace Surveillance . Luff 2008 Labor