Journal articles

This database consists of articles on labour and topics related to this issue and some reviews. Click here for a list of the journals included in this database. We are still working to add a larger variety of journals and reviews from different countries and continents.

Title Author Yearsort descending Journal Online
Volver a empezar: el presente, lo postmoderno y el momento de historia social. Eley 2004 Historia Social
The Industrial City. The Multi-Ethnic Frontier of the Twentieth Century Bosch Sánchez 2004 Revista complutense de historia de América
La minería en el noreste de México: utopía y realidad, 1850-1910 de Juan Manuel Romero Gil. Zapata 2004 Historia Mexicana
La economía indígena araucana y la frontera del Bio-Bio, 1550 – 1880 2004 Palimpsesto
Javier Auyero, Poor People's Politics: Peronist Survival Networks and the Legacy of Evita. Durham: Duke University Press, 2001. 296 pp. Karusch 2004 International Labor and Working class History
Políticas de organización gremial en Rosario. Las experiencias de docentes y mercantiles Rodríguez 2004 Estudios del trabajo
Revisiting the Casa-grande: Plantation and Cane-Farming Households in Early Nineteenth-Century Bahia. Barickman 2004 Hispanic American Historical Review
Continuidades y rupturas en la estrategia del Partido Comunista de Chile 2004 Palimpsesto
To Wed or not to Wed?: The Struggle to Define Afro-Jamaican Relationships, 1834-1838. Altink 2004 Journal of Social History
Áreas económicas locales y mercado de trabajo Mazorra 2004 Estudios del trabajo
Slave mortality and African origins: a view from Cartagena, Colombia, in the early seventeenth century Newson 2004 Slavery and Abolition
Where to go from here? New Perspectives on Global Migration History. Lucassen 2004 International Review of Social History
Burocracia: museos, políticas culturales y flexibilización laboral en Guayaquil Andrade 2004 Íconos
‘Goin' back over there to see that girl’: Competing social spaces in the lives of the enslaved in Antebellum North Carolina Griffin 2004 Slavery and Abolition
Ben Fallaw, Cárdenas Compromised:The Failure of Reform in Postrevolutionary Yucatán. London: Duke University Press, 2001. 222 pp. Pansters 2004 International Labor and Working class History
Exploring the Marine Plantation: An Historical Investigation of the Barbados Fishing Industry Welch 2005 Journal of Caribbean History
Negotiating freedom: Women of colour and the transition to free labour in Cuba, 1870–1886 Cowling 2005 Slavery and Abolition
Mujer, trabajo, religión y movilización social en el siglo XIX: modelos y paradojas. Mira 2005 Historia Social
Liberalism and Married Women's Property Rights in Nineteenth-Century Latin America. Deere 2005 Hispanic American Historical Review
Why Nicaraguan Peasants Stay in Agricultural Production Cooperatives. Lerman 2005 Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe / European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
o    A face oculta do trabalho: migrantes nas usinas canavierias de São Paulo De Moraes Silva 2005 Revista Latinoamericana De Estudios Del Trabajo
"The Sugar Industry and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1775-1810," by Selwyn H.H. Carrington Henderson 2005 Journal of Caribbean History
Slavery and Bristol's ‘golden age’ Richardson 2005 Slavery and Abolition
Tejedores de la revolución. Los trabajadores de Yarur y la vía chilena al socialismo 2005 Palimpsesto
Deviant and dangerous: Pro-slavery representations of Jamaican slave women's sexuality, c. 1780–1834 Altink 2005 Slavery and Abolition