Journal articles

This database consists of articles on labour and topics related to this issue and some reviews. Click here for a list of the journals included in this database. We are still working to add a larger variety of journals and reviews from different countries and continents.

Title Author Year Journalsort descending Online
The Education of Booker T. Washington: American Democracy and the Idea of Race Relations Leigh Alexander 2007 Slavery and Abolition
A ‘Typical Negro’ or a ‘Work of Art’? The ‘Inner’ via the ‘Outer Man’ in Frederick Douglass's Manuscripts and Daguerreotypes Bernier 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Neighbourhoods and Solidarity in the Natchez District of Mississippi: Rethinking the Antebellum Slave Community Kaye 2002 Slavery and Abolition
Slavery in White and Black: Class and Race in the Southern Slaveholders' New World Order Pratt Guterl 2010 Slavery and Abolition
Plantation Labourer Rebellions, Material Culture and Events: Historical Archaeology at Geneva Estate, Grand Bay, Commonwealth of Dominica Lenik 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Becoming Free in the Cotton South Grant 2009 Slavery and Abolition
Viewing Inside the Invisible: African Atlantic Art in the 1990s Rice 2013 Slavery and Abolition
‘Let the constitution perish’: Prigg v. Pennsylvania, Joseph Story, and the flawed doctrine of historical necessity Plaag 2004 Slavery and Abolition
Debating the Slave Trade: Rhetoric of British National Identity, 1759–1815 Wood 2011 Slavery and Abolition
Emancipation and labour on Jamaican coffee plantations, 1838–48 Monteith 2000 Slavery and Abolition
Dislocating Race and Nation: Episodes in Nineteenth-Century American Literary Nationalism Bernier 2010 Slavery and Abolition
The Fire of Freedom: Abraham Galloway and the Slaves’ Civil War Emberton 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Public Art, Artefacts and Atlantic Slavery: Introduction Bernier 2008 Slavery and Abolition
‘His Complete History’? Revisioning, Recreating and Reimagining Multiple Lives in Frederick Douglass's Life and Times (1881, 1892) Bernier 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Slave-Trade Nomenclature and African Ethnicities in the Americas: Evidence from Early Eighteenth-Century Costa Rica Lohse 2002 Slavery and Abolition
Migration, Trade, and Slavery in an Expanding World: Essays in Honor of Pieter Emmer Hoefte 2011 Slavery and Abolition
Slave Crucibles: Interstate Migrants and Social Assimilation in the Antebellum South Pargas 2015 Slavery and Abolition
Reconstructing a Different South: The American Missionary Association and Jamaica, 1834–65 Kenny 2009 Slavery and Abolition
Gleanings of Freedom: Free and Slave Labour along the Mason-Dixon Line, 1790–1860 Mathisen 2013 Slavery and Abolition
Enslaved women and the law: Paradoxes of subordination in the post-Revolutionary Carolinas Edwards 2005 Slavery and Abolition
A Slaveholders' Union: Slavery, Politics, and the Constitution in the Early American Republic Hadden 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Pirates, Sugar, Debtors, and Slaves: Political Economy and the Case for Gradual Abolition in New York Gellman 2001 Slavery and Abolition
Under the Flags of Freedom: Slave Soldiers and the Wars of Independence in Spanish South America Lasso 2010 Slavery and Abolition
The Baptism of Early Virginia: How Christianity Created Race Wood 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Caribbean Exchanges: Slavery and the Transformation of English Society, 1640–1700 Burnard 2008 Slavery and Abolition