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This database consists of articles on labour and topics related to this issue and some reviews. Click here for a list of the journals included in this database. We are still working to add a larger variety of journals and reviews from different countries and continents.

Title Author Year Journalsort descending Online
Disease, resistance, and lies: the demise of the transatlantic slave trade to Brazil and Cuba Cowling 2015 Slavery and Abolition
Seeds of Insurrection: Domination and Resistance on Western Cuba Plantations, 1808–1848 Helg 2010 Slavery and Abolition
Slavery: Annual Bibliographical Supplement (2000) Miller 2001 Slavery and Abolition
A Cherished Friendship: Julia Griffiths Crofts and Frederick Douglass Douglas 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Domestic Institutions: Transatlantic Gender Politics and Economic Power in Frederick Douglass' Variant Narratives Sweeney 2002 Slavery and Abolition
American Toussaints: Symbol, Subversion, and the Black Atlantic Tradition in the American Civil War Clavin 2007 Slavery and Abolition
Unseeing the Unspeakable: Visualizing Artistry, Authority and the Anti-Slave Narrative in Bill Traylor's Drawings (1939–1942) Bernier 2013 Slavery and Abolition
The ‘Better Sort’ and the ‘Poorer Sort’: Wealth Inequalities, Family Formation and the Economy of Energy on British Caribbean Sugar Plantations, 1750–1800 Roberts 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Fighting for Honor. The History of African Martial Art Traditions in the Atlantic World Röhrig Assunção 2009 Slavery and Abolition
‘Lives of living death’: The reproductive lives of slave women in the cane world of Louisiana Follett 2005 Slavery and Abolition
‘New ideas of correctness’: Gender, amelioration and emancipation in Barbados, 1810s‐50s Newton 2000 Slavery and Abolition
An Effigy for the Enslaved: Jonkonnu in Jamaica and Belisario's Sketches of Character Smalligan 2011 Slavery and Abolition
In the Name of Freedom: Slave Trade Abolition, the Law and the Brazilian Branch of the African Emigration Scheme (Brazil–British West Indies, 1830s–1850s) Mamigonian 2009 Slavery and Abolition
Contesting Slavery: The Politics of Bondage and Freedom in the New American Nation; Slavery and Sin: The Fight Against Slavery and the Rise of Liberal Protestantism Plath 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Neither Fugitive nor Free: Atlantic Freedom Suits and the Legal Culture of Travel Gross 2010 Slavery and Abolition
Slave Suicide, Abolition and the Problem of Resistance Bell 2012 Slavery and Abolition
‘Our Platform Is as Broad as Humanity’: Transatlantic Freedom Movements and the Idea of Progress in Nineteenth-Century African American Thought and Activism Kachun 2003 Slavery and Abolition
Sugar, Slavery and Freedom in Nineteenth-century Puerto Rico Martínez-Fernández 2007 Slavery and Abolition
Roadblocks to Freedom: Slavery and Manumission in the United States South Brophy 2013 Slavery and Abolition
SLAVERY: ANNUAL BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SUPPLEMENT (2013) Thurston 2014 Slavery and Abolition
Let This Voice Be Heard: Anthony Benezet, Father of Atlantic Abolitionism Plank 2010 Slavery and Abolition
Reviews 2006 Slavery and Abolition
Domination and Fabrication: Re-thinking Stanley Elkins' Slavery King 2001 Slavery and Abolition
Surgery, Slavery and the Circulation of Knowledge in the French Caribbean Weaver 2012 Slavery and Abolition
Remembering Slavery and Abolition in Bristol Dresser F.R.Hist.S. 2009 Slavery and Abolition